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儿童晚祷 | 饥肠辘辘 Hungry Tummies /附音频

Updated: Jan 18, 2023

英文环境 1) 听英文 2)长辈读中文 3)一起祷告
中文环境 1) 长辈读中文 2)听英文 3)一起祷告时间 大约五分钟。

Hungry Tummies

Look at all the good food to eat! What is your favorite food? Is it pizza? Is it popcorn? Maybe it's sweet, juicy apples. People need food to eat and water to drink every day. Food and water help to make us healthy and strong. Everything we eat and drink comes from the world that God made. When you eat a meal or a snack and have something good to drink, remember to say thank you to God.


看有多少好吃的! 你最喜欢什么?是披萨?是爆米花?也许是甜而多汁的苹果。人们每天都需要吃东西喝水。食物和水有助于让我们更健康更结实。我们吃的喝的一切都来自于神创造的这个世界。当你吃饭或吃零食,喝到好东西时,记得要对神说谢谢。

My Bible Verse
He satisfies the thirsty and fills the hungry with good things. -Psalm 107:9
因祂使干渴的人得以满足,使饥饿的人得饱美物。-诗篇 107:9

My Prayer
Thank you for food and water, too. Lord, these blessings come from you.
主啊, 感谢你提供食物和水, 这些祝福都来自于你。

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