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儿童晚祷 | 装满 Fill It Up/附音频

英文环境 1) 听英文 2)长辈读中文 3)一起祷告
中文环境 1) 长辈读中文 2)听英文 3)一起祷告时间 大约五分钟。

Fill It Up

Jack and Kaitlyn are filling up the wagon with the apples. Do you think they can fill it to the top? What do you like to put in your wagon? God gives us so many good things, it's easy to fill up a wagon! He gives us lots of good food and clothes. He also gives us books and toys. He even gives us family and friends. God fills our lives with his love, all the way up to the top!


杰克和凯特琳正在往拖车里装苹果。你觉得他们能把它装满吗?你想在拖车里放些什么?神给了我们这么多好东西,要装满一辆拖车是很容易的! 祂给了我们很多好吃的东西,还有各种衣服。祂也给了我们书籍和玩具。祂甚至给了我们家人和朋友。神用祂的爱填满了我们的生活,满满地一直到顶!

My Bible Verse
The earth is filled with your love. O Lord. -Psalm 119:64

My Prayer
Lord, you fill my life to the top, your love and goodness never stop.

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