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儿童晚祷 | 一个好的藏身之处 A Good Hiding Place /附音频

英文环境 1) 听英文 2)长辈读中文 3)一起祷告
中文环境 1) 长辈读中文 2)听英文 3)一起祷告时间 大约五分钟。

A Good Hiding Place

Kaitlyn's cat found a good hiding place. Do you think anyone will find her? Do you have a place where you like to hide for a little while? Do you ever snuggle under the bedcovers or hide behind a big chair? The Bible says that God is like a hiding place. He will protect us from troubles so that troubles cannot even find us.



My Bible Verse
You are my hiding place; you protect me from trouble. -Psalm 32:7
你是我藏身之处;你必保守我脱离患难。 -诗篇 32:7

My Prayer
Dear God, You're like a hiding place, for you protect me and keep me safe.

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