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儿童晚祷 | 平安的居所 Peaceful Places/附音频

英文环境 1) 听英文 2)长辈读中文 3)一起祷告
中文环境 1) 长辈读中文 2)听英文 3)一起祷告时间 大约五分钟。

Peaceful Places

Shh! Jack is sleeping.He found a quiet, peaceful place to take a nap. He knows it can be hard to take a nap where it's loud or noisy. Where do you like to take naps? Jack took his teddy bear with him. What do you take with you when it's time to sleep? Did you know that Jesus is always with you too? Jesus helps you feel calm and peaceful anytime - even when it's loud or noisy!



My Bible Verse
My people will live in peaceful places. They will have safe homes. They will live in calm places of rest. -Isaiah 32:18
我的百姓必住在平安的居所、安稳的住处、平静的安歇所。-以赛亚书 32:18
My Prayer
Jesus, your love is always the best. You give me peaceful places to rest.

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