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儿童晚祷 | 随时准备好! Be Ready!

Updated: Jan 14, 2023

Be Ready!

Can you guess who is inside the yellow raincoat? It's Jack! He is ready to go fishing. Do you think he has everything he needs? It's good to be ready for the things we do. When we go on a picnic, we get snacks ready. When we play in the snow, we put on boots and mittens. The Bible tells us to be ready to serve. That means we need to learn how to help others. And we need to be ready to do many good things. If we are ready to serve, then we will be ready when Jesus comes back too!


你能猜出黄色雨衣里是谁吗?是杰克! 他已经准备好去钓鱼了。你说他是不是全副武装了?为我们所要做的事情做好准备总没错。当我们去野餐的时候,我们要准备好零食。当我们在雪地上玩耍时,我们要穿上靴子和手套。圣经说,我们要随时准备好去服事神。这意味着我们要学习如何帮助别人。我们也要准备好做许多好事。如果我们准备好随时服事神,那么当耶稣回来时,我们也就准备好了!

My Bible Verse
Be dressed and ready to serve. Luke 12:35
你们腰间要束上带,灯也要点着。路 12:35

My Prayer
Lord, teach me the things I need to know. To be ready to help wherever I go.

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