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(每日读经 2/25) 诗篇 - Psalm 25.1-22

25:1 耶和华阿,我的魂仰望你。

To You, O Jehovah, I lift up my soul.

25:2 我的神阿,我素来信靠你;求你不要叫我羞愧;不要叫我的仇敌向我夸胜。

O my God, I trust in You; Do not let me be ashamed; Do not let my enemies exult over me.

25:3 凡等候你的必不羞愧;惟有那无故行奸诈的,必要羞愧。

Indeed may all who wait on You not be ashamed; May those who deal treacherously without cause be ashamed.

25:4 耶和华阿,求你将你的道路指示我,将你的路径教训我。

Make Your ways known to me, O Jehovah; Teach me Your paths.

25:5 求你以你的真理引导我,教训我;因为你是救我的神;我终日等候你。

Guide me in Your truth, and teach me; For You are the God of my salvation; I wait on You all the day long.

25:6 耶和华阿,求你记念你的怜恤和慈爱,因为这是亘古以来所常有的。

Remember Your compassions, O Jehovah, And Your acts of kindness, for they are from of old.

25:7 求你不要记念我幼年的罪行,和我的过犯;耶和华阿,求你因你的良善,按你的慈爱记念我。

The sins of my youth and my transgressions, do not remember; According to Your lovingkindness, remember me, For the sake of Your goodness, O Jehovah.

25:8 耶和华是良善正直的;所以祂必指示罪人当行的路。

Jehovah is good and upright; Therefore He instructs sinners concerning the way.

25:9 祂必按公理引领卑微的人,将祂的道路教训他们。

He guides the lowly in justice And teaches the lowly His way.

25:10 对遵守祂的约和祂法度的人,耶和华所行的都是慈爱和真实。

All the paths of Jehovah are lovingkindness and truth To those who observe His covenant and His testimonies.

25:11 耶和华阿,求你因你的名赦免我的罪孽,因为我的罪孽重大。

For the sake of Your name, O Jehovah, Pardon my iniquity, for it is great.

25:12 谁是敬畏耶和华的人?耶和华必指示他当选择的道路。

Who then is the man who fears Jehovah? Him will He instruct concerning the way that he should choose.

25:13 他的魂必居住在福乐中;他的后裔必承受地土。

His soul will dwell in prosperity, And his seed will possess the land.

25:14 耶和华亲密的指教敬畏祂的人;祂必使他们得知祂的约。

The intimate counsel of Jehovah is to those who fear Him, And His covenant will He make known to them.

25:15 我的眼目时常仰望耶和华,因为祂必将我的脚从网里拉出来。

My eyes are continually turned to Jehovah, For He will bring my feet out of the net.

25:16 求你转向我,恩待我,因为我孤独困苦。

Turn toward me, and be gracious to me, For I am alone and afflicted.

25:17 求你解除我心里的愁苦,救我脱离我的祸患。

Relieve the troubles of my heart, And bring me out of my distresses.

25:18 求你看顾我的困苦和我的患难,赦免我一切的罪。

Look on my affliction and my suffering, And forgive all my sins.

25:19 求你察看我的仇敌,因为他们人多;并且他们凶暴的痛恨我。

Look on my enemies, for they are many; Indeed they hate me with a violent hatred.

25:20 求你保守我的性命,搭救我;不要让我羞愧,因为我投奔于你。

Keep my soul, and deliver me; Do not let me be put to shame, For I take refuge in You.

25:21 愿纯全正直保守我,因为我等候你。

May integrity and uprightness preserve me, For I wait on You.

25:22 神阿,求你救赎以色列脱离他一切的愁苦。

Redeem Israel, O God, Out of all his troubles.

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