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(每日读经 3/21) 诗篇 - Psalm 89.30-52

89:30 倘若祂的子孙离弃我的律法,不遵行我的典章,

If His children forsake My law And do not walk in My ordinances,

89:31 渎犯我的律例,不遵守我的诫命,

If they profane My statutes And do not keep My commandments,

89:32 我就要用杖责罚他们的过犯,用鞭责罚他们的罪孽。

I will punish their transgression with a rod And their iniquity with stripes.

89:33 只是我必不将我的慈爱,全然从祂挪去,也必不背弃我的信实。

But My lovingkindness I will not utterly take away from Him, Nor will I be false to My own faithfulness.

89:34 我必不违犯我的约,也不改变我嘴唇所出的。

I will not profane My covenant, Nor will I change what has gone forth from My lips.

89:35 我一次指着自己的圣别起誓;我必不向大卫说谎。

Once I have sworn by My holiness; I will not lie to David.

89:36 祂的后裔要存到永远,祂的宝座在我面前,如日之恒一般;

His seed shall endure forever, And His throne, like the sun before Me;

89:37 又如月亮永远坚立;这天上的见证是确实的。 细拉

It shall be established forever like the moon; And the witness in the skies is firm.

89:38 但你已丢掉弃绝他;你已恼怒你的受膏者。

But You have cast off and rejected; You have been angry with Your anointed.

89:39 你厌恶了与你仆人所立的约,将他的冠冕抛掷于地,玷污了。

You have abhorred the covenant of Your servant; You have profaned his crown by casting it to the ground.

89:40 你拆毁了他一切的围墙;你使他的保障变为荒场。

You have broken down all his walls; You have brought his strongholds to ruin.

89:41 凡过路的人都抢夺他;他成了邻国所羞辱的。

All who pass by on the way plunder him; He has become a reproach to his neighbors.

89:42 你高举了他敌人的右手;你叫他一切的仇敌喜乐。

You have exalted the right hand of his adversaries; You have caused all his enemies to rejoice.

89:43 你叫他的刀剑卷刃,叫他在争战之中站立不住。

Indeed You have turned back the edge of his sword And have not made him stand in the battle.

89:44 你使他的光辉止息,将他的宝座推倒于地。

You have made his brightness cease And have cast down his throne to the ground.

89:45 你减少他青年的日子;你使他披上羞愧。 细拉

You have shortened the days of his youth; You have covered him with shame.

89:46 耶和华阿,这要到几时呢?你要将自己隐藏到永远么?你的忿怒如火焚烧,要到几时呢?

How long, O Jehovah? Will You hide Yourself forever? How long will Your wrath burn like fire?

89:47 求你记念我的时候是何等的短少-你所创造的一切世人,你要使他们归于何等的虚空!

Remember how short my time is-For what vanity You have created all the sons of men!

89:48 什么人能常活而不见死?他能救自己的魂脱离阴间的权势么? 细拉

What man will live and not see death? Will he deliver his soul from the power of Sheol?

89:49 主阿,你先前所施行的慈爱,就是你凭自己的信实向大卫起誓的,在那里呢?

Where are Your former acts of lovingkindness, O Lord, Which You swore to David in Your faithfulness?

89:50 主阿,求你记念仆人们所受的羞辱,记念我怎样将一切强盛之民的羞辱承当在我怀里;

Remember, O Lord, the reproach of Your servants, How I bear in my bosom the reproach of all the mighty peoples,

89:51 耶和华阿,你的仇敌,用这羞辱羞辱了你的仆人,羞辱了你受膏者的脚踪。

With which Your enemies have reproached, O Jehovah, With which they have reproached the footsteps of Your anointed.

89:52 耶和华是当受颂赞的,直到永远。阿们,阿们。

Blessed be Jehovah forever. Amen and Amen.

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