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(每日读经1/16) 阿摩司书 - Amos 5.16-27 /附音频

Updated: Jan 15


5:16 因此主耶和华万军之神如此说,在一切宽阔处必有哀号的声音;在各街道上必有人说,哀哉!哀哉!又必叫农夫来哭号,叫善唱哀歌的来哀哭。

Therefore thus says Jehovah, The God of hosts, the Lord: In all the open plazas there will be wailing, And in all the streets they will say, Alas! Alas! And they will call the farmer to mourning, And for wailing to those skilled in lamentation.

5:17 在各葡萄园必有哀哭的声音,因为我必从你中间经过;这是耶和华说的。

In all the vineyards there will be wailing, For I will pass through your midst, says Jehovah.

5:18 想望耶和华日子来到的,有祸了!耶和华的日子与你们有什么好处呢?那日黑暗无光,

Woe to you who desire The day of Jehovah! What good is the day of Jehovah to you? It will be darkness and not light,

5:19 好像人躲避狮子,却遇见熊,或是进房屋以手靠墙,就被蛇咬。

As when a man flees from before a lion And encounters a bear, Or goes into the house and leans his hand against the wall, And a serpent bites him.

5:20 耶和华的日子,不是黑暗无光么?不是幽暗毫无光辉么?

Will not the day of Jehovah be darkness and not light, Even deep darkness and no brightness to it?

5:21 我恨恶厌弃你们的节期,也不喜悦你们的严肃会。

I hate, I despise, your feasts, And I will not delight in your solemn assemblies.

5:22 你们虽然向我献上燔祭和素祭,我却不悦纳;也不顾你们用肥畜所献的平安祭。

For if you offer up to Me burnt offerings And your meal offerings, I will not accept them; Nor will I regard the peace offerings of your fatted animals.

5:23 你们要使歌唱的声音远离我,因为我不听你们弹琴的响声。

Take the noise of your songs away from Me, For I will not hear the melody of your harps.

5:24 惟愿公平如大水滚滚,公义如江河滔滔。

But let justice roll down like water, And righteousness, like an ever-flowing river.

5:25 以色列家阿,你们在旷野四十年,岂是将祭牲和素祭献给我呢?

Did you bring Me sacrifices and meal offerings In the wilderness for forty years, O house of Israel?

5:26 你们抬你们的王索古特,并抬着你们的星神科完的像,就是你们为自己所造的。

Indeed, you took up Sikkuth your king And Kiyyun your images, the star of your gods that you made for yourselves.

5:27 所以我要把你们掳到大马色以外;这是耶和华说的;万军之神是祂的名。

Thus I will bring you into captivity Beyond Damascus, says Jehovah; The God of hosts is His name.





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