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(每日读经1/17) 约拿书-Jonah 1.1-17

1:1 耶和华的话临到亚米太的儿子约拿,说,

Now the word of Jehovah came to Jonah the son of Amittai, saying,

1:2 你起来往尼尼微大城去,向那城的居民呼喊,因为他们的恶已经达到我面前。

Arise, go to Nineveh, the great city, and cry out against it, for their evil has come up before Me.

1:3 约拿却起来,逃往他施去躲避耶和华的面;他下到约帕,遇见一只船,要往他施去。他就给了船价,下到船里,要与船上的人同往他施去,躲避耶和华的面。

But Jonah rose up to flee to Tarshish from the presence of Jehovah, and he went down to Joppa and found a ship going to Tarshish. So he paid the fare for it and went down into it to go with them to Tarshish from the presence of Jehovah.

1:4 然而耶和华使海中刮起大风,海就风浪大作,船几乎破坏。

But Jehovah hurled a great wind toward the sea, and there was a great tempest on the sea, and the ship seemed to be about to break up.

1:5 水手便惧怕,各人哀求自己的神。他们将船上的物件抛在海中,为要使船轻些。约拿却已下到底舱,躺卧沉睡。

Then the mariners became afraid, and each called out to his god. And they cast out the equipment that was on the ship into the sea to lighten themselves of it. But Jonah had gone down into the innermost part of the vessel and lain down and fallen fast asleep.

1:6 船长到他那里对他说,你怎么还这样沉睡呢?起来,呼求你的神。或者神顾念我们,使我们不至灭亡。

So the ship captain approached him and said to him, How can you be fast asleep? Arise, call on your God. Perhaps God will give thought to us, and we will not perish.

1:7 船上的人彼此说,来罢,我们掣签,好知道这灾临到我们是因谁的缘故;于是他们掣签,掣出约拿来。

And each man said to his companion, Come, let us cast lots that we may know on whose account this misfortune has befallen us. So they cast lots, and the lot fell on Jonah.

1:8 众人对他说,请你告诉我们,这灾临到我们是因谁的缘故?你以何事为业?你从那里来?你是那一国,属那一族的人?

Then they said to him, Tell us now, On whose account has this misfortune befallen us? What is your occupation? And where do you come from? What is your country? And of what people are you?

1:9 他说,我是希伯来人;我敬畏耶和华,那造沧海和旱地之天上的神。

And he said to them, I am a Hebrew, and I fear Jehovah, the God of the heavens, who made the sea and the dry land.

1:10 那些人就大大惧怕,对他说,你作的是什么事呢?原来那些人已经知道他躲避耶和华的面,因为他告诉了他们。

And the men became greatly afraid and said to him, What is this that you have done? For the men knew that he was fleeing from the presence of Jehovah, because he had told them so.

1:11 他们问他说,我们当向你怎样行,使海为我们平静下来呢?这是因为海越发翻腾。

And they said to him, What shall we do with you that the sea may be quiet for us? For the sea grew more and more tempestuous.

1:12 他对他们说,你们将我抬起来,抛进海里,海就会为你们平静下来;我知道你们遭这大风浪,是因我的缘故。

Then he said to them, Lift me up and cast me into the sea, and the sea will be quiet for you. For I know that it is on my account that this great tempest has come upon you.

1:13 然而那些人竭力摇桨,要回到旱地,却是不能,因为海越发向他们翻腾。

Nevertheless the men rowed hard to get back to the dry land, but they could not, because the sea grew more and more tempestuous against them.

1:14 他们便呼求耶和华说,耶和华阿,我们恳求你,不要因这人的性命使我们灭亡;不要使流无辜血的罪归与我们;因为你耶和华是照自己所喜悦的行事。

And they cried out to Jehovah and said, Ah, Jehovah, let us not perish, we pray, for this man's life, and do not put innocent blood upon us; for You, Jehovah, have done as You pleased.

1:15 他们遂将约拿抬起,抛进海里,海的怒涛就止息了。

Then they lifted Jonah up and cast him into the sea, and the sea ceased its raging.

1:16 那些人便大大敬畏耶和华,向耶和华献祭,并且许愿。

And the men were greatly afraid of Jehovah, and they offered a sacrifice to Jehovah and vowed vows.

1:17 耶和华安排一条大鱼吞了约拿,约拿在鱼腹中三日三夜。

And Jehovah prepared a great fish to swallow Jonah up, and Jonah was in the stomach of the fish for three days and three nights.

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