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(每日读经10/15) 约伯记 - Job 24.1-17

24:1 全能者为何不把审判的定期贮藏起来?为何认识祂的人看不见祂的日子?

Why are times of judgment not stored up by the Almighty? And why do those who know Him not see His days?

24:2 有人挪移地界,抢夺群畜而牧养。

Some remove landmarks; They seize the flock and pasture them.

24:3 他们把孤儿的驴赶去,强取寡妇的牛作抵押。

They drive away the donkey of the fatherless And take the widow's ox as a pledge.

24:4 他们使穷人离开所行的路;地上的困苦人尽都隐藏。

They turn the needy out of the way; The poor of the land are made to hide together.

24:5 看哪,这些穷苦人出去工作,如同旷野的野驴,殷勤寻找猎物;野地供给他们食物,给他们的儿女糊口。

Indeed, like wild asses in the desert, They go forth to their work, Diligently seeking some prey; The wilderness provides them food for their children.

24:6 他们在田间收割禾稼作草料,摘取恶人余剩的葡萄。

In the field they harvest their fodder, And they glean the vintage of the wicked.

24:7 他们过夜赤身无衣,在寒冷中毫无遮盖;

They spend the night naked, without clothing; And have no covering in the cold.

24:8 在山上被大雨淋湿;因没有避身之处就紧挨着磐石。

They are wet from the mountain showers, And for lack of shelter they embrace the rock.

24:9 有人从母怀中抢夺孤儿,强取穷人身上之物作抵押。

Some pluck the fatherless from the breast, And what the poor has on, as a pledge.

24:10 穷人赤身无衣,到处流浪;且在饥饿中扛抬禾捆。

They go about naked, without clothing; And being hungry, they take up the sheaves.

24:11 在那些人的围墙内榨油,踹酒榨,自己却口渴。

Between their walls they press out oil; They tread the winepresses yet suffer thirst.

24:12 有人从城内唉哼,受伤者的魂呼求;神却不理会恶人的愚妄。

From the city men groan, And the soul of the wounded cries out; Yet God does not regard the folly.

24:13 又有人背弃光,不晓得光的道路,不留在光的路上。

These are among those who rebel against the light; They are not acquainted with its ways, Nor do they abide in its paths.

24:14 杀人者黎明起来,杀害困苦人与穷乏人;夜间又像盗贼。

The murderer rises at dawn; He kills the poor and the needy; And at night he is like a thief.

24:15 奸夫的眼目守候到黄昏,说,必无眼能见我;他就把脸蒙蔽。

The eye of the adulterer also watches for the twilight, Saying, Not an eye will see me; And he disguises his face.

24:16 盗贼黑夜挖穿房屋,白日把自己关起来,并不认识光。

They dig through houses in the dark; By day they shut themselves in: They do not know the light.

24:17 早晨对他们如同死荫,因为他们晓得死荫的惊骇。

For morning is to all of them like the shadow of death, Because they are acquainted with the terrors of the shadow of death.



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