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(每日读经10/4) 诗篇 - Psalm 26.1-12

26:1 耶和华阿,求你为我伸冤,因我向来行事纯全,并且信靠耶和华;我必不摇动。

Judge me, O Jehovah; For I have walked in my integrity, And in Jehovah I have trusted; I will not waver.

26:2 耶和华阿,求你察看我,试验我,熬炼我的肺腑心肠。

Examine me, O Jehovah, and try me; Test my inward parts and my heart.

26:3 因为你的慈爱常在我眼前,我也按你的真理而行。

For Your lovingkindness is before my eyes, And I have walked in Your truth.

26:4 我没有和虚谎人同坐,也不与假冒为善的人往来。

I do not sit with men of falsehood, Nor will I associate with hypocrites.

26:5 我恨恶作恶之人的会,必不与恶人同坐。

I hate the assembly of evildoers, Nor will I sit with the wicked.

26:6 耶和华阿,我要洗手表明无辜,好环绕你的祭坛,

I wash my hands in innocence And go around Your altar, O Jehovah,

26:7 发出称谢的声音,并述说你一切奇妙的作为。

Making myself heard with the voice of thanksgiving And telling out all Your wonderful deeds.

26:8 耶和华阿,我爱你所住的殿,和你的荣耀所居之处。

O Jehovah, I love the habitation of Your house, And the place where Your glory abides.

26:9 不要把我的魂和罪人一同除掉,也不要把我的性命和流人血的一同除掉。

Do not gather my soul with sinners, Nor my life with men of bloodshed,

26:10 他们的手中有恶计,右手满有贿赂。

In whose hand is a wicked scheme, And whose right hand is full of bribes.

26:11 至于我,我行事纯全;求你救赎我,恩待我。

But as for me, I walk in my integrity; Redeem me and be gracious to me.

26:12 我的脚站在平坦地方;在众会中我要颂赞耶和华。

My foot stands on level ground; In the assemblies I will bless Jehovah.



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