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(每日读经12/10) 俄巴底亚书 - Obadiah 1-21

1:1 俄巴底亚的异象。主耶和华论以东说,我们从耶和华那里听见信息,并有使者被差往列国去,说,起来罢,我们起来与以东争战。

The vision of Obadiah. Thus says the Lord Jehovah concerning Edom, We have heard a report from Jehovah, And an envoy has been sent among the nations: Arise, and let us rise up against it for battle.

1:2 我使你以东在列国中成为小的;你被人大大藐视。

Indeed I have made you small among the nations; You are very despised.

1:3 你这住在磐石穴中,居所在高处的阿,你因心中狂傲自欺,心里说,谁能将我拉下地去呢?

The arrogance of your heart has beguiled you, O you who dwell in the clefts of the rock, Whose habitation is lofty, Who says in his heart, Who will bring me down to the ground?

1:4 你虽如大鹰高飞,在星宿之间搭窝,我必从那里拉下你来;这是耶和华说的。

Though you set yourself on high like the eagle And though you make your nest among the stars, I will bring you down from there, Declares Jehovah.

1:5 盗贼若来到你那里,强盗若夜间而来,(你何竟被剪除!)岂不偷窃只到彀了么?摘葡萄的若来到你这里,岂不剩下些葡萄么?

If thieves came to you, If spoilers in the night-How you would be cut off!-Would they not steal only their fill? If grape gatherers came to you, Would they not leave gleanings?

1:6 以扫何竟被彻底搜寻!他隐藏的宝物,何竟被查出!

How thoroughly searched Esau is! How sought out his hidden treasures are!

1:7 与你结盟的,都打发你走,直到边界;与你和好的,欺骗你且胜过你。他们使你的食物成为你脚下的网罗;在你心里毫无聪明。

All the men of your confederacy Have sent you away to the border; The men who were at peace with you Have deceived you; they have prevailed against you. They make your bread A snare under you. There is no understanding in him.

1:8 耶和华说,到那日,我岂不从以东除灭智慧人,从以扫山除灭聪明么?

Will I not in that day, Declares Jehovah, Destroy the wise men from Edom, And understanding from the mountain of Esau?

1:9 提幔哪,你的勇士必惊惶,以致以扫山的人,都被杀戮剪除。

And your mighty men will be dismayed, O Teman, So that each one is cut off from the mountain of Esau by slaughter.

1:10 因你向兄弟雅各行强暴,羞愧必遮盖你,你也必永远被剪除。

Because of the violence against your brother Jacob, Shame will cover you, and you will be cut off forever.

1:11 当外人掳掠雅各的财物,外邦人进入他的城门,为耶路撒冷拈阄的日子,你竟站在一旁,像他们中间的一个。

In the day that you stood on the side, In the day that strangers took his substance captive And foreigners entered into his gates And cast lots over Jerusalem, You also were like one of them.

1:12 在你兄弟遭难的日子,你不当瞪眼看着;犹大人被灭的日子,你不当因他们欢乐;你不当因他们欢乐;他们遭难的日子,你不当张口说大话。

But do not look to the day of your brother, To the day of his misfortune; Neither rejoice concerning the children of Judah In the day of their destruction, Nor boast In the day of distress.

1:13 我民遭灾的日子,你不当进他们的城门;他们遭灾的日子,你不当瞪眼看着他们受灾难;他们遭灾的日子,你不当伸手抢他们的财物。

Do not enter the gate of My people In the day of their calamity; Do not look, even you, on his affliction In the day of his calamity, Nor send forth your hands on his substance In the day of his calamity.

1:14 你不当站在岔路口,剪除他们中间逃脱的;他们遭难的日子,你不当将他们存留的人交付仇敌。

And do not stand at the crossroads To cut off those of his who escape, Nor deliver those of his who survive In the day of distress.

1:15 因为耶和华降罚的日子临近万国;你怎样行,也必照样向你行;你的报应必归到你头上。

For the day of Jehovah is near Upon all the nations: As you have done, it will be done to you; Your recompense will return upon your head.

1:16 你们犹大人在我圣山怎样喝了忿怒之杯,万国也必照样常常的喝;他们要且喝且咽,就归于无有。 

For as you, the people of Judah, have drunk the cup of wrath upon My holy mountain, All the nations will drink the same continually; Indeed they will drink and swallow down, And they will be as though they had not been.

1:17 但在锡安山必有逃脱的人,那山也必成为圣别;雅各家必得自己的产业。

But in Mount Zion There will be those who have escaped, And it will be holy. And the house of Jacob will possess Their possessions.

1:18 雅各家必为大火,约瑟家必为火焰;以扫家必如碎桔,火必将他烧 吞灭;以扫家必无存留的人,因为耶和华已经说了。

And the house of Jacob will be a fire, And the house of Joseph a flame; And the house of Esau will be as stubble, And they will burn among them and devour them; And there will be no survivor To the house of Esau, For Jehovah has spoken.

1:19 南地的人必得以扫山为业,低陆的人必得非利士人的地为业,也得以法莲田地和撒玛利亚田地为业;便雅悯人必得基列为业。

And those of the south will possess the mountain of Esau, And those of the lowlands, the Philistines; Indeed they will possess the field of Ephraim And the field of Samaria, And Benjamin will possess Gilead.

1:20 在迦南人中,被掳的以色列众人必得地为业,直到撒勒法;在西法拉,被掳的耶路撒冷人必得南地的城邑为业。

And the captivity of this host of the children of Israel, Who are among the Canaanites, will possess as far as Zarephath; And the captivity of Jerusalem, who are in Sepharad, Will possess the cities of the south.

1:21 必有拯救者上到锡安山,审判以扫山;国度就归耶和华了。

And saviors will come up on Mount Zion To judge the mountain of Esau, And the kingdom will be Jehovah's.



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