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(每日读经12/12) 那鸿书 - Nahum 2.1-13

2:1 尼尼微阿,那打散邦国的上到你面前;你要看守保障,谨防道路,使腰强壮,大大勉力。

He who scatters has come up before you: Keep the fortress, Watch the way, Strengthen the loins, Fortify the power greatly.

2:2 因为耶和华复兴雅各所夸耀的,好像以色列所夸耀的一样;因为劫掠者已经把他们劫掠一空,将他们的葡萄枝毁坏了。

For Jehovah restores The excellency of Jacob As the excellency of Israel; For the emptiers have emptied them out And destroyed their vine branches.

2:3 祂勇士的盾牌是红的,精兵都穿朱红衣服;在祂预备争战的日子,战车上的钢铁闪烁如火,枪矛也抡起来了;

The shield of His mighty men is red; The valiant men are clad in scarlet; The chariots flash with the shining of steel In the day of His preparation, And the spears are brandished.

2:4 战车在街上急行,在宽阔处奔来奔去,形状如火把,飞跑如闪电。

In the streets the chariots rush madly; They dash to and fro in the open squares; Their appearance is like that of torches; They dart like lightning.

2:5 亚述王招聚他的贵胄:他们颠踬而行,奔上城墙,但攻城者的防障已经备妥。

The Assyrian king remembers his glorious ones: They stumble in their march; They hasten to the wall of the city, But the besiegers' shelter is prepared.

2:6 河闸开放,宫殿摧毁。

The gates of the rivers are opened, And the palace is dissolved.

2:7 王后赤身,被人掳去;宫女捶胸,哀鸣如鸽;此乃命定之事。

And it is determined: She is uncovered; she is carried away; And her maidens moan, As with the sound of doves, Beating their breasts.

2:8 尼尼微自古以来充满人民,如同聚水的池子;现在他们却都逃跑;虽有人呼喊说,站住!站住!却无人回顾。

Though Nineveh has been like a pool of water all her days, Now they are fleeing. Stand! Stand! But no one turns back.

2:9 你们抢掠银子,抢掠金子罢!因为所储备的无穷,一切的宝器何等荣耀!

Plunder the silver! Plunder the gold! And there is no end to what has been prepared. Oh, the glory of all the desirable vessels!

2:10 现在却空虚、荒凉、旷废!人心融化,双膝相碰,腰都疼痛,脸都变暗。

Emptiness and void and waste! And the heart melts, and the knees knock, And anguish is in all the loins, And the faces of all of them become pale.

2:11 狮子的洞和少壮狮子喂养之处在那里呢?公狮、母狮、小狮游行,无人惊吓之处在那里呢?

Where is the den of lions And the feeding place of young lions, Where the lion and the lioness walked, And the lion's whelp; and no one frightened them?

2:12 公狮为小狮撕碎足彀的食物,为母狮掐死活物,把猎物充满它的洞,把撕碎的充满它的穴。

The lion tore in pieces, enough for his whelps, And strangled for his lioness And filled his caves with torn prey And his dens with torn animals.

2:13 万军之耶和华说,看哪,我与你为敌,必将你的战车焚烧成烟,刀剑也必吞灭你的少壮狮子;我必从地上除灭你的猎物;你使者的声音,必不再听见。

Indeed I am against you, Declares Jehovah of hosts; And I will burn your chariots in smoke, And the sword will devour your young lions; And I will cut off your prey from the earth; And the voice of your messengers will no longer be heard.



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