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(每日读经12/18) 弥迦书 - Micah 2.1-13

2:1 祸哉,那些在床上图谋罪孽、造作奸恶的!天一发亮,因手有能力,就行出来了。

Woe to those who devise wickedness And who prepare evil upon their beds! In the light of the morning they do it Because it is in the power of their hand to do so.

2:2 他们贪图田地就抢夺,贪图房屋便强取;他们欺压人,霸占房屋和产业。

And they covet fields and seize them, And houses, and take them away; And they oppress a person and his house, And a man and his inheritance.

2:3 所以耶和华如此说,我筹画灾祸降与这族,你们的颈项必不能从这灾祸挪开,你们也不能昂首而行,因为这是灾祸的时候。

Therefore thus says Jehovah, I am now devising evil against this family, From which you will not remove your necks; And you will not go about haughtily, For it is an evil time.

2:4 到那日必有人用比喻的话论到你们,唱起悲惨的哀歌,说,我们全然毁灭了;耶和华将我百姓的分转归别人;何竟将这分从我挪去!祂将我们的田地分给悖逆的人。

In that day they will take up a proverb concerning you, And they will lament a lamenting lament; they will say, We are utterly ruined; He has changed the portion of my people. How He removes it from me! He has apportioned our fields to the rebellious.

2:5 所以在耶和华的会中你必没有人拈阄拉准绳。

Therefore you will have no one who casts the line by lot In the congregation of Jehovah.

2:6 他们申言说,你们不可申言。真申言者若不申言论这些事,羞辱就不会离去。

Do not prophesy, they prophesy. If they do not prophesy concerning these things, The reproaches will not be turned back.

2:7 雅各家阿,岂可说,耶和华的灵是急躁的么?这些是祂的作为么?我耶和华的言语,岂不是与行动正直的人有益么?

Will it be said, O house of Jacob, Is the Spirit of Jehovah hasty? Are these His doings? Do not My words benefit Him who walks uprightly?

2:8 然而近来我的民兴起如仇敌;你们从那些安然经过、不愿打仗之人身上剥去外衣。

But recently My people Have risen up as an enemy; You strip away the mantle From off the garment Of those who pass by securely, Those who turn away from conflict.

2:9 你们将我民中的妇人,从她们安乐的家中赶出,又将我的尊荣从她们的小孩子永远夺去。

The women of My people you cast out, From their pleasant houses; From their young children you take away My splendor forever.

2:10 你们起来,去罢,这不是你们安息之所,因为污秽带来毁灭,且是严重的毁灭。

Arise and go, For this is not your resting place, Because of the uncleanness That brings destruction, indeed grievous destruction.

2:11 若有人追随空话和虚假,用谎言说,我要向你们申言,论到淡酒和浓酒;那人就必作这民的申言者。

If a man going about After wind and falsehood lies, saying, I will prophesy to you Concerning wine and liquor; He would indeed become a prophet of this people.

2:12 雅各家阿,我必要聚集你们众人,必要招聚以色列余剩的人。我要把他们安置在一起,如波斯拉的羊,如草场中的羊群;他们因为人数众多,就必大大喧哗。

I will surely gather all of you, O Jacob; I will surely assemble the remnant of Israel. I will place them together like the sheep of Bozrah, Like the flock in the midst of its pasture; They will make much noise because of the many men.

2:13 冲破城的人在他们前面上去;他们冲破,穿过城门,从城门出去;他们的王在前面行,耶和华在前头引导他们。

He who breaks through goes up before them; They break through and pass through the gate, And they go forth through it. And their King goes forth before them; Indeed Jehovah is at their head.



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