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(每日读经12/17) 弥迦书 - Micah 1.1-16

1:1 当犹大王约坦、亚哈斯、希西家在位的日子,摩利沙人弥迦得了耶和华的话,就是他所看见,关于撒玛利亚和耶路撒冷的异象。

The word of Jehovah which came to Micah the Morashtite in the days of Jotham, Ahaz, and Hezekiah, kings of Judah, which he saw concerning Samaria and Jerusalem.

1:2 万民哪,你们都要听;地和其中所充满的,也都要侧耳听;主耶和华要见证你们的不是,主要从祂的圣殿见证你们的不是。

Hear, all you peoples, And give heed, O earth and its fullness; And let the Lord Jehovah be a witness against you, The Lord from His holy temple.

1:3 看哪,耶和华从自己的地方出来,降临步行地的高处。

For Jehovah is about to come forth from His place, And He will come down and tread upon the high places of the earth.

1:4 众山在祂以下必镕化,诸谷必崩裂,如蜡化在火前,如水冲下山坡。

And the mountains will be melted under Him, And the valleys will be cleft, Like wax before fire, Like water poured down a slope.

1:5 这都因雅各的过犯,因以色列家的罪。雅各的过犯在那里?岂不是在撒玛利亚么?犹大的邱坛在那里?岂不是在耶路撒冷么?

All this is because of the transgression of Jacob And because of the sins of the house of Israel. What is the transgression of Jacob? Is it not Samaria? And what are the high places of Judah? Are they not Jerusalem?

1:6 所以我必使撒玛利亚变为田野的乱堆,作为栽培葡萄园之处;也必将她的石头倒在谷中,露出她的根基来。

Therefore I will make Samaria A heap of ruins in a field, Places for the planting of vineyards; And I will pour her stones down into the valley And uncover her foundations.

1:7 她一切雕制的偶像必被打碎,她作妓女所得的财物必被火烧,她所有的偶像我必毁灭;因为从妓女雇价聚来的,终必归为妓女的雇价。

And all her engraved idols will be smashed, And all her gifts for harlotry will be burned with fire, And all her images I will make a desolation; For from the harlot's hire she has gathered them, And unto the harlot's hire they will return.

1:8 申言者说,因此我必悲恸哀号,赤脚露体而行;又要呼号如野狗,哀鸣如鸵鸟。

Because of this I will wail and howl; I will go about barefoot and naked. I will make a wailing like the jackals And a lamentation like the ostriches.

1:9 因为撒玛利亚的伤痕无法医治,延及犹大,达到我民的城门,达到耶路撒冷。

For her wound is incurable, For it has come as far as Judah; It reaches as far as the gate of my people, As far as Jerusalem.

1:10 不要在迦特报告这事,总不要哭泣。我在伯亚弗拉辊于灰尘之中。

Do not declare it in Gath; Do not weep at all. In Beth-le-aphrah I rolled myself in the dust.

1:11 居住沙斐的女子阿,你们自己要赤身蒙羞过去;居住撒南的女子没有出来;在伯以薛有哀号,以致你们无可倚靠。

Pass away on your own, O inhabitress of Shaphir, In shameful nakedness; The inhabitress of Zaanan Has not gone forth; The wailing of Beth-ezel Will take away from you the staying of the calamity.

1:12 居住玛律的女子,忧急切望,要得好处,因为灾祸从耶和华那里降到耶路撒冷的城门。

For the inhabitress of Maroth Waits in pain for good, For evil has come down from Jehovah To the gate of Jerusalem.

1:13 居住拉吉的女子阿,要用快马套车。锡安女子的罪,由你而起;以色列的过犯,在你那里显出。

Bind the chariot to the steeds, O inhabitress of Lachish. She was the beginning of sin to the daughter of Zion, For the transgressions of Israel were found in you.

1:14 因此,你要将分手的礼物送给摩利设迦特:亚革悉的各家,必用诡诈待以色列诸王。

Therefore you will give a parting gift To Moresheth-gath: The houses of Achzib will be a deception To the kings of Israel.

1:15 居住玛利沙的女子阿,我必使那霸占你的来到你这里;以色列的荣耀必达到亚杜兰。

Further, I will bring upon you the possessor, O inhabitress of Mareshah; The glory of Israel will come As far as Adullam.

1:16 你要为你所喜爱的儿女剪除你的头发,使头光秃,要大大的光秃,如同秃鹰,因为他们都被掳去,离开了你。

Shave yourself and cut off your hair For the children of your delights; Enlarge your baldness like an eagle, For they have gone from you into captivity.



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