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(每日读经2/23) 诗篇 - Psalm 62.1-12 /附音频

Updated: Feb 22

诗篇 62.1-12

62:1 我的魂默默无声,专等候神;我的救恩是从祂而来。

My soul waits in silence for God alone; My salvation is from Him.

62:2 惟独祂是我的磐石和我的拯救,是我的高台;我必不很动摇。

He alone is my rock and my salvation, My high retreat; I will not be greatly shaken.

62:3 你们大家攻击一人,把他杀害,如同毁坏歪斜的墙,将倒的壁,要到几时呢?

How long will you assail a man So that you may slay him, all of you, Like a leaning wall or a tottering fence?

62:4 他们彼此商议,专要从他的尊位上把他推下;他们喜爱谎话;口虽祝福,心里却咒诅。 细拉

They only make plans to thrust him down from his dignity; They take delight in lies; With their mouth they bless, But inwardly they curse.

62:5 我的魂哪,你当默默无声,专等候神,因为我的盼望是从祂而来。

My soul, wait in silence for God alone, For my expectation is from Him.

62:6 惟独祂是我的磐石和我的拯救,是我的高台,我必不动摇。

He alone is my rock and my salvation, My high retreat; I will not be shaken.

62:7 我的拯救和我的荣耀,都在于神;我力量的磐石,我的避难所,是在神里面。

On God my salvation and my glory depend; The rock of my strength, my refuge, is in God.

62:8 百姓阿,你们当时时信靠祂,在祂面前倾心吐意;神是我们的避难所。 细拉

Trust in Him at all times, O people; Pour out your heart before Him; God is a refuge to us.

62:9 下流人不过是虚空,上流人不过是虚假;放在天平里就必升起;他们一共比空气还轻。

Men of low degree are but a vapor; Men of high degree, a lie. In the balances they go up; Together they are less than a vapor.


Do not trust in oppression, And do not vainly hope in robbery; If wealth increases, Do not set your heart on it.


Once has God spoken; Twice have I heard this, That strength belongs to God.


To You also, O Lord, belongs lovingkindness; For You repay every man according to his work.





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