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(每日读经7/12) 哥林多后书 - 2 Cor. 11.30–12.10

11:30 我若必须夸口,就要夸我软弱的事。

If I must boast, I will boast of the things of my weakness.

11:31 主耶稣的神与父,就是那当受颂赞直到永远的,知道我不说谎。

The God and Father of the Lord Jesus, He who is blessed forever, knows that I am not lying.

11:32 在大马色,亚哩达王手下的提督,把守大马色人的城,要捉拿我,

In Damascus, the governor under Aretas the king guarded the city of the Damascenes in order to seize me;

11:33 我就从窗户中,在筐子里给人从城墙上缒下去,逃脱了他的手。

And in a basket I was lowered through a window, through the wall, and escaped his hands.

12:1 夸口固然无益,但我是不得已的。我要来说主的异象和启示。

To boast is necessary, though indeed not expedient; yet I will come to visions and revelations of the Lord.

12:2 我认得一个在基督里的人,十四年前,这样的一位被提,直到第三层天里,(或在身内,我不晓得,或在身外,我也不晓得,只有神晓得。)

I know a man in Christ, fourteen years ago (whether in the body I do not know, or outside the body I do not know; God knows) such a one was caught away to the third heaven.

12:3 并且我认得这样一个人,(或在身内,或在身外,我都不晓得,只有神晓得,)

And I know such a man (whether in the body or outside the body, I do not know; God knows),

12:4 他被提进乐园里,听见不能言传的话语,是人不可说的。

That he was caught away into Paradise and heard unspeakable words, which it is not allowed for a man to speak.

12:5 为这样的一位,我要夸口,但是为我自己,除了我的软弱以外,我并不夸口。

On behalf of such a one I will boast, but on behalf of myself I will not boast, except in my weaknesses.

12:6 我即使愿意夸口,也不是愚妄,因为我必说真话,只是我惜口不说,恐怕有人评估我,过于他在我身上所看见的,或从我所听见的。

For if I desire to boast, I will not be foolish, for I will speak the truth; but I refrain lest anyone account of me something above what he sees me to be or hears from me.

12:7 又恐怕我因所得启示的超越,就过于高抬自己,所以有一根刺,就是撒但的使者,加在我的肉体上,为要攻击我,免得我过于高抬自己。

And because of the transcendence of the revelations, in order that I might not be exceedingly lifted up, there was given to me a thorn in the flesh, a messenger of Satan, that he might buffet me, in order that I might not be exceedingly lifted up.

12:8 为这事,我三次求过主,叫这刺离开我。

Concerning this I entreated the Lord three times that it might depart from me.

12:9 祂对我说,我的恩典够你用的,因为我的能力,是在人的软弱上显得完全。所以我极其喜欢夸我的软弱,好叫基督的能力覆庇我。

And He has said to me, My grace is sufficient for you, for My power is perfected in weakness. Most gladly therefore I will rather boast in my weaknesses that the power of Christ might tabernacle over me.

12:10 因此,我为基督的缘故,就以软弱、凌辱、贫困、逼迫、困苦为可喜悦的,因我什么时候软弱,什么时候就有能力了。

Therefore I am well pleased in weaknesses, in insults, in necessities, in persecutions and distresses, on behalf of Christ; for when I am weak, then I am powerful.

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