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(每日读经7/26) 诗篇 - Psalm 14.1-7

14:1 愚顽人心里说,没有神。他们都是败坏,行了可憎恶的事;没有一个人行善。

The fool has said in his heart, There is no God. They are corrupt; they commit abominable deeds; There is none who does good.

14:2 耶和华从天上垂看世人,要看有明白的没有,有寻求神的没有。

Jehovah looked down from heaven Upon the sons of men To see if there was anyone who had insight, Who seeks after God.

14:3 他们都是偏离正路,一同变为败坏;没有行善的,连一个也没有。

They have all turned aside; They are together perverse. There is none who does good; There is not even one.

14:4 作孽的都没有知识么?他们吞吃我的百姓,如同吃饭一样,并不呼求耶和华。

Have they no knowledge, all the workers of iniquity, Who eat up my people as they would eat up bread And do not call upon Jehovah?

14:5 他们在那里大大的害怕,因为神是在义人的族类中。

There they were in great fear, For God is among the generation of the righteous.

14:6 你们叫困苦人的谋算变为羞辱,然而耶和华是他们的避难所。

You put the counsel of the afflicted to shame, But Jehovah is their refuge.

14:7 但愿以色列的救恩从锡安而出!耶和华使祂被掳的子民归回,那时雅各要欢腾,以色列要喜乐。

O that the salvation of Israel might come forth from Zion! When Jehovah turns the captivity of His people, Jacob will exult, Israel will rejoice.

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