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神的呼召 | 信靠我 Count on Me

英文环境 1) 孩子读英文 2)长辈读中文 3)一起祷告
中文环境 1) 孩子读中文 2)听英文 3)一起祷告

Count on Me

Count on Me

The Lord your God is with you, he is mighty to save. -Zephaniah3:17

No one is perfect - not your best friend, not your mom or your dad, not your sports hero or favorite television star. Sooner or later, someone in your life - someone you really counted on - will let you down. You can end up feeling angry, hurt, and betrayed. You may feel like you are falling, with no one to catch you or help you up. So who can you count on?

Count on Me. I will never let you down. And when others do let you down, I will be your safety net. I will nnot let you crash. Not only am I always there with you, but I am holding your hand. And I promise, I won't ever let go.

Read on Your Own

Psalm 73:23-26
Nevertheless I am continually with You; You have taken hold of my right hand. You will guide me with Your counsel, And afterward You will receive me in glory. Whom do I have in heaven but You? And besides You there is nothing I desire on earth. My flesh and my heart fail, But God is the rock of my heart and my portion forever.


耶和华你的神在你中间,是施行拯救的大能者。- 撒番雅书3:17

没有人是完美的 - 即使是你最好的朋友,你的爸爸妈妈,你的体育英雄或最喜欢的影视明星。迟早有一天,你生活中的某个人 - 你真正信赖的人 - 会让你失望。你可能会感到愤怒、受伤或背叛。你可能会感觉自己在往下沉,但没有人可以接住你或帮助你。那么,你能信靠谁?




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