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青少年*游戏 | 人墙 The Human Wall





困难, 障碍, 墙, 见证







首先,组成两队,每队至少四名学生。让每队的学生手拉手站在一起,用自己的身体筑起一道墙。对方的队伍派一名或多名成员强行进入防守方的墙内。如果队员穿透了对方的 "墙",他们就得一分。如果防守方将他们的墙守住了,他们就得一分。无论谁得了一分,两队就交换角色进行下一轮。一直玩到一队得到10或15分,如果他们玩得开心,再玩一次。




1. 你们中是否有人记得自己在生活中受到过墙的阻碍?

2. 你的感觉如何?你是如何回应的?

3. 是什么让一些墙如此令人生畏?

4. 这些墙是如何阻碍你有效地与他人分享基督?


​*** 英文版 ********

The Human Wall

A game to show how we must penetrate the walls blocking our spiritual path so we can share the truth of Christ more effectively. Topics: Difficulties, Obstacles, Walls, Witnessing Materials: None Duration: From 10-15 minutes What you will do: (This is similar to the familiar game called "Red Rover" with a few significant changes. This game carriers some risk of injury, so please use adult supervision and caution.) First, form two teams consisting of at least four students. Have the students of each team build a wall using their own bodies by standing arm-in-arm next to one another. The opposing team sends one or more members into the wall of the defending team. They can send anyone or any number they want. If the opposing team penetrates the other team's "wall," they get one point. If the defending teams holds their wall together, then they get one point. No matter who gets the point, the teams switch roles for the next attempt. Play until one team gets 10 or 15 points, and if they had fun, play again. When finished, share one of your own stories about a time when you were personally hindered by a wall in your life. Then go on to the discussion questions. (As an option, you can get into small groups of 4 or 5 students to cover the questions.) Discussion Questions: 1. Do any of you remember being personally hindered by a wall in your life? 2. How did you feel as a result? How did you respond? 3. What makes some walls so intimidating? 4. How are these walls hindering your effectiveness in sharing Christ with others? Like the walls of Jericho, we must destroy the walls blocking our spiritual path so God can be glorified more and more.


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