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0-6岁*手工 | 图片集 PICTURE BOXES

Updated: Oct 12, 2022

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耐心, 祷告, 供应





















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A coloring project that will show how Jesus is there to answer our prayers and provide for our needs. by Kristy Thornton

TOPICS: Patience, Prayer, Provision

MATERIALS: Paper Door stickers [PDF] Click here Crayons or markers Scissors, glue

DURATION: Approximately 15 minutes Click here for sample of finished craft

PREPARATION: Before class, fold sheets of paper into three equal sections, as in folding to fit inside an envelope (see example). Also, print the door sticker sheet and cut out each sticker. Each child will need one folded sheet of paper and one door sticker.

WHAT YOU WILL DO: Write the words ASK, SEEK, and KNOCK on the board. Have the children copy these words at the top of each section, in that order. The children will draw three pictures, one on each folded section. The first picture will be of them asking Jesus for something. The second will be looking for something and finding it with help from Jesus. The third picture will be of them knocking on a door or standing next to an open door. After drawing the pictures, the children will fold their sheet of paper to resemble a greeting card, and glue their door sticker to the front.

WHAT YOU WILL SAY: Jesus said, "Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you." Luke 11:9 In this verse, Jesus is letting us know that we can pray boldly and ask God to provide for us. There is no prayer too small, too big, or too crazy for God. He just wants us to ask Him first. When you pray, believe that God will answer your prayers. Now, He doesn't go around snapping His fingers granting wishes. If you pray for something that is harmful, or if the reason you want it is wrong, He probably will not answer that prayer. He may answer it later or in a different way. For example, if I pray for a puppy, but I know someone in my family is allergic to dogs, God may not answer that prayer by giving me a puppy. He may give me something even better, like a guinea pig. (Give each child a folded sheet of paper.) We are going to draw three pictures on this folded sheet of paper, one picture at a time. In the first section, I want you to draw a picture of yourself asking Jesus for something. Let's come up with ideas together. (Draw examples on the board as the children come up with ideas. Then give them a few minutes to draw their own pictures.). In the second section, I want you to draw a picture of yourself looking for something and finding it. Let's come up with some ideas together. (Draw examples as before and give them a few minutes to draw their own picture.) In the third section, I want you to draw a picture of yourself knocking on the door, and the door opening. Again, let's think of some ideas of what we can draw. (Draw examples again, and give the children a few minutes to complete their third picture.) Now let's fold our sheet of paper, and glue our door sticker on the front.


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