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0-6岁*故事 | 保罗的勇敢逃脱 PAUL'S BRAVE ESCAPE

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"耶稣活着,祂是神的儿子," 保罗高声对人们说。 "耶稣,你们处死的那一位,已经复活,我亲眼见过祂。"


"耶稣活着!祂是永生神的儿子!" 保罗继续告诉人们。





突然,神给了他们一个主意。"我们可以把你放在篮子里,通过城墙上的一个开口降下去," 他们告诉保罗。

"放在篮子里?会不会有点危险?" 保罗问。

"是的,这非常危险,但神会帮助我们。这是唯一的办法," 他们哀求道。 "如果你留在这里,肯定会被杀害!"



*** 英文版 ********


The story of when Paul's friends helped him escape from Damascus by lowering him in a basket through an opening in the city wall. (Acts 9:19-27) TOPICS: Friendship, Paul, Protection, Witnessing

DURATION: Approximately 10 minutes "Jesus is alive, and He is the Son of God," Paul said in a loud voice to the people. "Jesus, the one you put to death, has risen, and I have seen Him." After Paul met Jesus on the road to Damascus, he was blind for three days. But then he met a man named Ananias, who helped him regain his sight. Immediately after that Paul believed and was baptized. Before he was an enemy of those who followed Jesus, but now he knew the truth. He was a follower too, and he had to tell others about this wonderful news."Jesus is alive! He is the Son of the living God!" Paul continued to tell the people.

After hearing Paul, many of the Jewish people in the city also believed; however, some still did not. In fact, they became angry and bitter.

They said to each other, "Isn't this man Saul, the one who is supposed to be helping us hunt down these so called believers, and make them suffer for following Jesus? Instead of arresting them, he is helping them by making even more people follow Jesus. We must stop him, now!"

But Paul continued to share his story, and tell people that Jesus is alive, and He is the Son of God. He did his best to outsmart the unbelieving Jews, and stay out of their way. But after many days, they decided to capture Paul and put him to death. They searched high and low. They even kept a close watch of the city gates, so if Paul tried to leave the city, they could capture him.

Paul and his friends knew what was going on. Somehow, they needed to help Paul get out of Damascus. Staying in the city just would not be safe. But the gate was guarded, and there was a high wall all around the city. How could they get Paul out to safety?

Suddenly, God gave them an idea. "We can lower you down through an opening in the wall in a basket," they told Paul.

"In a basket? Won't that be a little dangerous?" asked Paul.

"Yes, it is very dangerous, but God will help us. It's the only way," they pleaded. "If you stay here, surely you will be killed!"

So Paul agreed. Late that night, Paul and his friends found a basket large enough for him to get inside. They tied long ropes to each handle, and carefully lowered him down to the ground. It took a while, and it was pretty scary, but Paul made it down safely. He left the city that night, and went straight to Jerusalem to be with the believers who lived there.

Paul thought to himself, "Hopefully, I will be safe in Jerusalem."


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