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6-12岁*游戏 | 保持联系 STAY CONNECTED

这是一套在美国很受欢迎的教材,按年龄共分三部分:0-6岁学龄前儿童教程,6-12岁学龄儿童教程,和12岁以上青少年教程。我们将陆续翻译成中文,分享给大家。 这套教材里的每一篇,无论是教程还是各种活动,都独立成篇,没有先后顺序,大家可以按需要和负担选择使用。 *更多内容,请关注公众号“羊之门” &岁 




基督的身体, 合作, 跟随耶稣, 结出果子








让所有的孩子脱一只鞋,放在房间中央堆成一堆。然后让所有的孩子从这堆鞋子中拿一只不是自己的鞋子,然后围成一个大圈。让孩子们用左手拿着鞋子,用右手抓住右边孩子的左手腕。现在每个人应该是 "连在一起 ",拿着一只鞋和一个手腕,这个圈子应该是完整的,没有任何断点。让孩子们试着拿回自己的鞋子,而不掉落任何鞋子或放开任何人。使用秒表,看看完成游戏需要多长时间。如果时间允许,再玩一次,看看孩子们是否能打败他们之前的时间。


从任何一个孩子的手里拿一只鞋。现在这个人是空手的,但仍然是 "连接 "的。现在的目标是让所有的鞋子都回到他们自己的主人手中,任何人都不能放开任何人,也不能掉落任何鞋子,而且一次只能动一只鞋子。如果第一个 "空手 "的孩子抓住他/她的鞋子,他们就能做到这一点。现在另一个孩子是 "空手 "的,可以走到他/她的鞋子所在的位置,拿走它。游戏以这种方式继续进行,直到所有的鞋子都回到它们的主人手中。老师将拿着属于最后一个 "空手 "的人的鞋子,游戏在归还这只鞋子时结束。


正如我们在这个游戏中彼此 "联结"一样,耶稣希望我们与祂 "联结"。与耶稣 "联结 "对我们结出好果子很重要。耶稣说:"我是葡萄树,你们是枝子。人若常在我里面,我也常在他里面,就必多结果子;离了我,你们就不能作什么"。但有时留在耶稣里面并不容易。有很多东西想把我们拉走,比如骄傲、自私、爱钱、忧虑,和同龄人的压力。如果我们分开,找回我们的鞋子可能更容易,但如果是连在一起,做起来不是更好玩吗?哥林多前书6:17说,"但与主联合的,便是与主成为一灵。"

*** 英文版 *******


A game of cooperation to show how staying connected can be a lot of fun, and how being connected to the Lord is essential for producing good fruit.

TOPICS: Body of Christ, Cooperation, Following Jesus, Fruitfulness

MATERIALS: Stopwatch At least 5 players

DURATION: Approximately 15 minutes

WHAT YOU WILL DO: Have all the children remove only one shoe and place it in a pile in the center of the room. Then have all the kids go and grab a shoe from the pile that is not their own, and then form a large circle. Have the children hold the shoe in their left hand, and with their right hand grasp the left wrist of the child to their right. Everyone should now be "connected", holding a shoe and a wrist, and the circle should be complete with no gaps. Have the kids try to get back their own shoe without dropping any or letting go of anyone. Use the stopwatch to see how long it takes to complete the game. If time permits, play again and see if the kids can beat their previous time.

For older children Take a shoe from the hand of any child. Now that person is empty handed but still "connected". The object now is for all the shoes to get back to their rightful owners, without anyone letting go of anyone or dropping any shoes and touching only one shoe at a time. They can do this if the first child who is "empty handed" grabs his or her shoe. Now another child is "empty handed" and can move in to the spot where his or her shoe is, and take it. Play continues in this manner until all shoes are back to their owner. The teacher will be holding the shoe belonging to the last person who is "empty handed" and the game ends when returning this shoe.

WHAT YOU WILL SAY: Just as we were "connected" to each other during this game, Jesus wants us to be "connected" to Him. Being "connected" to Jesus is important for us to bear good fruit. Jesus said, "I am the vine, you are the branches. If a man remains in me and I in him, he will bear much fruit; apart from me you can do nothing." But sometimes it is not easy to remain in Jesus. There are many things trying to pull us away, like pride, selfishness, love of money, peer pressure, and worry. It may have been easier to retrieve our shoes if we were separated, but wasn't it much more FUN to do it being connected? And 1 Corinthians 6:17 says, "He who unites himself to the Lord is one with him in spirit."


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