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6-12岁*活动 | 顺服的小角色 MINI ROLES OF OBEDIENCE

这是一套在美国很受欢迎的教材,按年龄共分三部分:0-6岁学龄前儿童教程,6-12岁学龄儿童教程,和12岁以上青少年教程。我们将陆续翻译成中文,分享给大家。 这套教材里的每一篇,无论是教程还是各种活动,都独立成篇,没有先后顺序,大家可以按需要和负担选择使用。 *更多内容岁 




圣灵, 顺服









打印 "顺服的小角色 "这一活动页,剪下每个角色扮演剧。





1. 想出一个不做错事的理由有多难,为什么?


2. 你怎么知道什么时候做什么是错的?

3. 当你做错事的时候,你有没有感觉到你的内心有异样的感觉?

4. 你认为那种感觉是什么?

5. 你是否曾经遇到过与你的角色扮演相似的情况?你是怎么做的?


*** 英文版 *******


What would you say to someone who wants you to join him or her in doing the wrong thing?

TOPICS: Holy Spirit, Obedience

MATERIALS: Mini Roles of Obedience sheet [PDF] Click here Optional Props Books (Big Test & Walking to School) Coins (At the Mini Mart) VHS tape (The Sleep Over)

DURATION: Approximately 20 minutes

PREPARATION Print out copies of the Mini Roles of Obedience page, and cut out each role-play.

WHAT YOU WILL DO: Have the children pair up and give each group a role-play. Let the kids pick who will play each part, but tell them to work together when coming up with the last line. Tell the kids that the last line is very important, so give it some serious thought. To help come up with ideas, suggest they think about what they could say to convince their partner not to do what he or she is about to do in their situation. The teams should consider how Jesus would feel if they went ahead and did the wrong thing. They can write this line down in the space provided at the end of each role-play. After giving a few minutes to rehearse, have each group act out their role-plays, using the final line they added to the dialog. Give praise to each group after presenting their situation. When all have finished continue with the discussion questions.

Discussion Questions: 1. How difficult was it to come up with a reason for not doing the wrong thing, why?

There are many different reasons why we should not do what is wrong. However, the purpose of this exercise is to know that the Holy Spirit is at work in us, to guide us in doing what is right.

2. How do you know when doing something is wrong? 3. Have you ever felt something odd inside of you when you did something wrong? 4. What do you think that feeling was? 5. Have you ever been in a situation similar to your role-play? What did you do?

Jesus said, "The Counselor, the Holy Spirit, whom the Father will send in my name, will teach you all things and will remind you of everything I have said to you." (John 14:26). This verse tells us that the Holy Spirit will help us by teaching us all things, including what is right from what is wrong. If we let the Holy Spirit speak to us instead of shutting Him out, we can tell when the devil is trying to tempt us into doing something wrong. The Holy Spirit is very unhappy if we go ahead and do it anyway, but He still helps us. Perhaps that is why we feel ashamed of ourselves or feel guilty. Then we know never to do it again.


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